TreeBuddy FAQs

1 Why drip irrigation with TreeBuddy tree irrigation bag?

Your TreeBuddy tree irrigation bag is designed to provide water to trees through small holes over a period of six to nine hours. This means that the water does not evaporate on the surface and does not run off to the side, but can penetrate directly to the roots.

2. how do I correctly set up the TreeBuddy tree watering bag ?

We will send you your TreeBuddy with instructions on how to achieve the best results in terms of drip irrigation.

When filling your TreeBuddy, it is important that you lift it briefly after about 10 litres (corresponds to approx. 1/6 of the water content) usingthe loops at the top so that it widens at the bottom and can be positioned optimally.

3. how often do I have to refill the TreeBuddy tree watering bag?

In our experience, it is generally sufficient to refill the TreeBuddy two to three times a week. Filling up the TreeBuddy takes on average only a few minutes.

Of course this depends on the weather conditions, the soil and the tree itself. Observe your tree: if it lets its leaves hang down, for example, it will show you that it needs water.

4. do I need more than one TreeBuddy tree irrigation bag for my tree?

Our OriginalTreeBuddy can be filled with approx. 75 litres of water and was developed for trees with an average trunk circumference of 30 cm.

The TreeBuddy Premium  holds an  average of 85 litres and can be used for trees with a circumference of up to 80 cm.

If your tree has a larger circumference or an increased water requirement, it is a good idea to connect two – possibly more – TreeBuddies of the respective variety with the zippers. We have already wrapped 5 (!) TreeBuddy Premiums around a 300 year old village oak in Frankfurt-Höchst – it worked perfectly!

5. the water in my TreeBuddy tree irrigation bag does not run off

The water may not be able to pass through because your TreeBuddy is resting with its holes on impermeable stone or something similar. In this case, try to position the TreeBuddy so that its holes are above loose soil.

If you use an original TreeBuddy, make sure that the holes inside the folds are free of dirt.

In rare cases, deposits can clog the holes from the inside. Rinse your TreeBuddy out with clean water several times to remove any impurities.

6. What should I do if my TreeBuddy tree irrigation bag is damaged?

Sustainability is our passion. Accordingly, we would like to support you in giving your TreeBuddies a long life. From time to time it can happen that a TreeBuddy falls victim to an automatic lawnmower or is otherwise damaged. In this case, we would like to give you some tips on how to repair minor damage in an efficent way so that your TreeBuddy remains functional.

In our experience, both types of TreeBuddies (the Original TreeBuddy and the TreeBuddy Premium) can usually be repaired easily with fabric tape / armour tape in case of minor damage. Before doing so, please make sure that the area to be covered is free of dirt and moisture.

If your TreeBuddy Premium is cracked or damaged, we offer a repair service – for a small extra charge you can have your TreeBuddy Premium repaired by our manufacturer here in Germany. Just send us an e-mail and we will get back to you.

7. what is the best way to store my TreeBuddy for next year?

Ideally, your TreeBuddy should be rinsed with clear water and dried at the end of the season. Afterwards, you can store your TreeBuddy in a dry place, either hanging or lying flat.

8. May I use the TreeBuddy tree watering bag as a promotional item?

The TreeBuddy Premium is basically available in three colours – grey, blue and green.

In addition, there is a sturdy patch (20 cm x 20 cm) above the filling hole, which can be printed with a logo or other imprint according to individual wishes. All we need is a PDF print template (20 x 20 cm, 300 dpi) and your TreeBuddy Premium will be emblazoned with the logo of a sponsor or club or a city coat of arms with ownership notice.

If you wish, we can even design the entire tree irrigation bag according to your wishes. All colours are possible, any inscription and logo. Some major customers asked for miracles and got it!

9 Why is the TreeBuddy Premium Tree Irrigation Bag so sustainable?

Very early on we started to design the TreeBuddy Premium with many test series:

(i) it is manufactured to a high quality in Germany This gives it a longer life span than other tree irrigation bags. The zip alone is so sturdy that it already costs Euro 3.50 in the purchase price, this avoids the typical weakness of competing products;
(ii) As our production site is located in Germany we avoid long journeys (CO2 emission) and acknowledge thatwe are very happy to be a partner of German medium-sized companies;
(iii) this product  is recyclable and can be sent in after use. Afterwards the materials are reused.
(iv) it can be professionally repaired
in case of damage.

10. cities, municipalities, companies and private individuals – who is a customer of TreeBuddy?

They are all our customers and many more. Everyone who would like to save a tree, please contact us. We already have more than 60 municipalities and cities as our partners, we support their tree sponsorships and local Rotary and Lions Clubs, offer special prices and help with advice andd actions!

11. who are we?

We are a company from Frankfurt, Germany, which is dedicated to the sustainable care of trees. Our passion for the preservation of a natural habitat in both rural and urban communities is a concern truly close to our hearts. Our overwhelming success proves us right. We are a fast-growing team and welcome any help, suggestions and advice. Global warming affects us all!